Tricks to Save Money at Aldi

Learn some of the best ways to save money at Aldi with using coupons, reading the ads, and using apps.

Aldi is known for its amazing prices on everyday items, organics, and specialty diets. While prices are lower at Aldi than most other grocery stores the truth is there are plenty of ways to save even more money at Aldi with a few smart shopping times.

Always check the ad before going into the store. They often list price drops and knowing ahead of time is perfect for budgeting to buy staples at a lower price in bulk. Stocking up when the price is lower, can go a long way to saving money at any store and this still applies to Aldi as the prices do change.

Stock up on reduced price items. Aldi is great for putting things on clearance that were special purchases that did not do so well or after changing the packaging of staple products. Check the dates on clearance food items. If the expiration date is far off, stock up on extra for a great low price to save money for a while.

Remember your bags. So often people will have bags of their own to shop at stores like Aldi but then end up forgetting them when they go to the store. Build a habit of keeping a stock of bags in your car so you can shop without paying for bags. If you forget your bags look for boxes around or at the front of the store before spending money on bags.

Catch the meat deals early. Often Aldi meat prices are not as good as supermarkets but they often have meat deals on Wednesdays that beat the other stores. Snag these deals quickly if you see something in the ad that interests you because the quantities are limited.

Use cash back and coupon apps to save money at Aldi. While Aldi coupons are rare, apps like ibotta, Fetch Rewards, and Checkout51 often offer rebate coupons on staples like fruit and milk along with some name brand items that will occasionally land in the special purchase section. Scan your receipt into Receipt Hog to earn rewards just for shopping at Aldi.



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