Stuffed Hot Peppers

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Just make extra now- because you won’t be able to stop at 1 or 2 peppers! Before you say it…”that’s not portion control though!”

Sorry not sorry! These peppers are damn addicting and we have like 3 gallon zip lock backs in our freezer with frozen banana peppers so we can make these anytime we want!

My growing up stories are always legit because I was one over weight, damn picky eater! I would come home from school and my mother would have these cooking in the crock pot and I would say “ewww mom, can’t you make something different I hate those.” My mom would always be the sweetest human on earth, and make me a separate meal, which was always spaghetti with this pepper sauce. One day after college I came home starving and mom made peppers. She said, “Melissa hunny you’re 20 years old, just try these stop being picky!!!!”


Fast forward- dating Ryan 2 years ago I said, “Ryan we have to get banana peppers and stuff them with sausage for winter!” I have officially turned into my mom with freezing foods and canning. I made them a night, Ryan fell in love! So now every year we buy a bushel of banana peppers and we either core, stuff with sausage and freeze or we core, freeze empty, and buy sausage as needed.

My favorite meal!

Trust me, this is one meal you will want to have in your freezer! It is a simple meal for a busy day or when you just want to relax!



  • Banana peppers


  • Sausage


  • Italian seasoning


  • Mozzarella cheese

Canned Goods

  • Spaghetti sauce ( your favorite)


Core your banana peppers and rinse out the seeds. Begin to stuff your peppers with sausage. I use a butter knife often to thoroughly stuff my peppers because it is hard to get the sausage the whole way to the bottom with just your finger.

Two ways to cook

  • 1 hour in oven
  • Crock pot for 4-5 hours

I did mine in the oven after work because I didn’t have time for a crockpot meal.

Cover the bottom of your baking dish with spaghetti sauce. Just a thin layer. I used my cast iron pans. These are non-stick so the mess is very minimal to clean! Hallelujah!!

Place your peppers in the baking dish then completely cover with spaghetti sauce. You should be sure they are covered to ensure they do not dry out.

Bake on 350 for 1 hour with lid on pan.

When finished baking, remove from oven and garnish with Italian seasonings and sprinkling mozzarella cheese on top.

YUM!! These are the best peppers you will ever eat!! My mom always served this dinner with spaghetti and garlic bread. For that reason, I don’t eat spaghetti without the peppers. However, this is a great low carb dish to serve without the spaghetti noodles.


For a great baking dish, check out below! You will need a deep one to make these perfect!!

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