Red Pepper Hummus Bites

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If you are a hummus lover- these red pepper hummus bites are for you! They will be an appetizer hit any of your holiday parties, specially with those family members and co-workers trying to stay light this season! These weight watcher approved bites are just what you need!

Thankfully they are simple to make and will barely take any of your time. I have to ask, how many holiday dinners will you attend during Christmas week? I counted mine last year, and ours totaled 9 dinners in 7 days. Now we had a couple days off of dinners but we hit multiple parties some days. We also had our Christmas meals at work to. So staying light this year is important. Being the one who brings the light dishes is important.

Let’s get into these incredibly easy, no mess, minimal time appetizer plate!

What’s Needed

– 15 count-Mini Fillo Shells (I used Athens brand in the freezer section)

– 1 Cup Hummus (Any flavor works, I used roasted red pepper)

– 1/3 Cup Roasted Bell Pepper Strips

– 1-2 Mini English Cucumbers

– 1/3 Cup Crumbled Feta Cheese

– Parsley


1. Chop the cucumbers, roasted bell pepper strips, and parsley into small diced pieces.

2. Fill each phyllo cup about two-thirds full of the hummus.

3. Place a few pieces of cucumber, feta, and parsley on the top of the hummus.

4. Serve and Enjoy!

*The longer the phyllo cups sit the softer they become so don’t make too far in advance from serving.

The Gorilla Grip cutting board is the absolutely best for cutting veggies and fruits! The durable plastic and juice catching grooves helps keep your healthy kitchen mess free!

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