Onion Soup Burger

I couldn’t believe I never shared one of my favorite low carb meals with Ryan before and now it’s a must to share with you!!!

I absolutely love a good cheeseburger! What I love most though, is when I can have a delicious burger, without the bun and without the cheese. Yes, there are alternatives with using lettuce wraps that are delicious but to me, nothing can replace or add to an already tasty burger itself.

To share my backstory on how I discovered this delicious idea, I used to shoot archery. I would go to all these shoots and 90% of them had burgers there. They were either grilled or defrosted burgers tossed on a crock pot of onion soup. Seems legit right! Well it’s far more than legit, it’s amazing!! So I went on my weight loss journey and was like I have to have a low carb burger that I never need a bun for it’s that good! I created my own way of making onion soup burgers, and didn’t share this with Ryan for 2 1/2 years. He said, why am I just now having this for the first time?!?

It’s so simple!

What you need….

  • Lean Burger
  • Lipton Onion Soup

I wasn’t joking about how easy it is! The trick is timing of the soup and the water. I love a thicker juice to mine so I can scoop the onion pieces on my burger to finish.

Make your burger patties and place in stove top pan. Cook on each side twice before adding the soup. Once your burgers are just about done add 1 cup of water and pour the onion soup packet over the burger.

Let simmer for about a 2-3 minutes.

Then serve!

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