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Meal delivery boxes are super convenient and so in right now for those busy working families and couples. I mean, sometimes with kids, full time jobs, and a house to take care the simplicity of getting a box delivered to right to your door, recipe and all can be a nice break from the normal grocery shopping trip.

There are numerous meal delivery services we have to choose from. There is Blue Apron, HelloFresh, Plated, SunBasket, and HomeChef. In our home, we use Blue Apron and I am obsessed. They use recipes from Whole30 and partnered with MasterChef to bring amazing recipes to the table.

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In our home, it is just me and my fiancé so we do 2-person meals and we get 2 meals each delivery. They also have a family option and to receive 3 meals per week. Think to yourself, how amazing would it be to receive 3 meals ready to be prepared, no hassle of shopping for dinner those evenings. It’s delivered right to your door. Life changer right?! I know your like, we get the these details but why are you obsessed?! I fell in love with Blue Apron because Ryan and I were in a cooking rut. We rotated the same side dishes weekly, with the same old vegetable sides, and  cooked the same meats the same boring way. One of my friends asked if I wanted a free Blue Apron box to try. Of course, Hell yeah! It took me 3 months to actually log in and cash in my first free box. It took one box, for this obsession to hit me.

My first box, we had a spicy baked chicken that was marinated with Greek yogurt topped with a cucumber based dipping sauce. Who would have thought that was going to be amazing! We also received a Steak recipe with garlic mashed potatoes and summer vegetables. The kicker to that second meal, Ryan doesn’t eat zucchini and we never thought a little bit of red pepper flakes and sherry vinegar over sautéed zucchini and raw tomatoes would be amazing. Guess what, we loved it!!! What was my obsession, Ryan now shared the same love for the presents delivered right to our door. He started asking when can we get another box?!? Next week hunny!

The next box shipped and we were again excited to make these meals. One thing included was sweet potatoes. Ryan and I have tried and tried to get on board with sweet potatoes because they are a delicious healthy carb but we struggled. We couldn’t seem to cook them right and had several failed attempts at liking them so we pushed them out of our kitchen and healthy meals. This recipe was mashed sweet potatoes with cheese! (Pictured above) We said you know what, we will try it. We LOVED it! Since this box, I have purchased and made mashed sweet potatoes in our home and we love them! The steak from that box also changed my way of eating. I have NEVER EVER, I am really laying it on thick because I mean NEVER toppped a steak with mushrooms and onions. If a restaurant made a mistake it made me sooooo upset!


Get out there and try new meals, you will be so surprised!

These dinner presents I have chose to view them as, have totally changed our meal preparing skills and our taste buds!

We love the meals, we love the variety, and the simplicity but what we also LOVE is the portion sizes. Surprise, another struggle of ours. We do not eat leftovers often besides for my lunch at work and we found we were constantly cleaning out and tossing leftovers. Blue Apron taught us portions and we are actually full after the “correct” portion size. Our first box, Ryan said I am not sure this is enough for us. We cooked it, we plated it, we were so full! It was enough! We found these actual recommended portions are enough to make us full and satisfied. By having the correct portions, it makes our healthy journey so much easier.

I couldn’t wait to share my Blue Apron wins with everyone. These boxes have taught me so much in the kitchen as well as while I grocery shop. These meals are so satisfying, their filling, and easy to follow their directions.

A special thanks to Blus Apron for delivering their delicious meals to my door step— on a back country, dirt road but for changing my way of viewing foods!

Check out Blue Apron! You will not be disappointed!

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