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Traveling is one of my most favorite things to do. I love seeing new places, eating at new restaurants, and meeting new people but there is always the challenge of maintaining my healthy lifestyle while on the go. It takes mindset and preparation by setting myself up for success.

I have been living healthy for 4 years and there have been trips where I came home sick, bloated, and drained. This year, I promised myself, when I travel for leisure or when I travel for work– I will keep goals and nutrition in mind.

When I travel for work staying in hotels, not always having access to a fitness room and eating out is challenge one. I set myself up for success first by taking my floor sliders and my resistance loops. Maintaining your workout routine while traveling is key. This helps to avoid the “falling off the wagon” or the “I was traveling excuse.” The slides enable me to bust out a ab killer workout– without directly laying on the floor the entire time. That’s a win for me because let’s be honest, not everyone wants to lay on a hotel floor. I also take my resistance loops. These help me to maintain my muscle tone while not having access to weights. I am girl who enjoys a sweaty run. When a fitness center is available, I absolutely love taking advantage of being able to run a couple miles after work. It is a huge stress reliever after traveling and training all day. Next week I am going to be featuring ab moves and resistance loop moves to enhance your workouts, all while traveling. The best thing, these workout tools are sleek and take up very little space in your suitcase! Check them out below!

Healthy Snacks. The next key to setting yourself up for success. I work long hours when I travel, and I get hungry with often nothing quick to grab to eat. I have a small lunch box where I place a couple cold packs and load up with fruit and veggies. These are great healthy snacks to pop and go. I also LOVE the Balance Break packs you can buy at your local grocery stores in the cheese section. My favorite– white chedder, almonds, and dried cranberries. Packed with protein and healthy fats to fuel your afternoon work. One of my other personal favorites is celery and peanut butter or beef jerky. This is packed with healthy fats, protein and you get another vegetable serving! Next time you travel, set yourself up with healthy snacks so you can avoid the convenience store quick bites.

Traveling and maintaining your fitness is tough. I have been there! When you dedicate your day to taking time for yourself to workout, eating healthy during the work day, you can treat yourself to that glass of wine or extra special dinner that evening. Balance is important. We want travel and be happy but travel and feel healthy. We feel our best when we exercise and eat healthy. I am human, you are human, and you will want that treat meal and you will want that glass of wine. Go ahead, have it but wake up and slay your day with a lung busting sweaty workout.

Check out these sleek workout tools to take with you on the go– you won’t regret them!

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