Healthy Egg Salad


Do you find yourself taking the same things everyday for lunch? I get in a rut. I take my lunch everyday for work and everyday I take dinner left overs. I don’t always have leftovers so I rummage my refrigerator for lunch foods and snacks. When eating balanced healthy meals, boy is that tough some times to find what my body needs in a pinch. So this week, crunched for time preparing for vacation, I needed lunch for work and I needed a healthy one.

Egg Salad Healthy Twist

1 egg hard boiled

chopped red pepper

chopped green onions

salt & pepper to taste

2 tablespoons of Non-fat Greek yogurt.

All the protein with added veggies

I keep a box of triscuits on hand for the whole grain goodness. My favorite flavors are Roasted Garlic and 4 Cheese & Herb to eat with my egg salad.

Quick easy lunches for busy moms and busy lives.

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