Elf Hat Holiday Treats

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I absolutely love a holiday treat that is both sweet and salty. It is a weakness of mine. These being a favorite!

When you are signed up to bring an appetizer or treat to a holiday party, these adorable Elf Hat treats are just what you need. They are not time consuming and they will be a hit, which means you won’t come home with many for yourself. My goal when I take a side dish somewhere, is to not come home with it. Therefore, I put a lot of time and thought into what I should take.

What you need to make these little treats….

? Bugles

? White chocolate chips or candy melts

? Holiday colored sprinkles

? Red and green candy coated chocolates like M&M’s


1. Place the white chocolate chips or candy melts into a microwave safe bowl, and heat them up at 30 second intervals until the candy is completely melted. Stir often.

2. Dip the bottom of each Bugle into the melted white chocolate.

3. Holding the dipped Bugle over a plate, apply some holiday colored sprinkles to the dipped section.

4. Push a red or green candy into the bottom of the dipped Bugle, and lay the Bugle onto a plate.

5. Continue steps 1-4 to create even more elf hats, and then place the plate into the freezer for 5 minutes to allow the melted white chocolate to harden.

6. Remove the elf hat treats from the freezer and serve.

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