Smother Turkey Meatball Sub

Meatball subs are a classic and must be made to perfection. The best ones are full of all the best flavors when the meatballs are made from fresh burger, rather then frozen and seasoned well.  We have found a way to smother these meatball subs in onions and peppers, use a whole wheat roll, and … Continue reading Smother Turkey Meatball Sub

Spiralized Vegetable Recipes You Will Love

I will admit, it took me 4 years of living a healthy lifestyle before I was willing to join the spiralizing movement. My fiance' is still not quite ready, while he does support my spiralizing and gives effort at trying the recipes. When I first began spiralizing vegetables, I would saute them in my stove … Continue reading Spiralized Vegetable Recipes You Will Love

Cheese Steak Hot Peppers

Banana Peppers are arguably the best peppers for stuffing. Each Summer, we buy a bushel of banana peppers. We wash and remove the core then freeze for the many dinners ahead.  Purchasing peppers in bulk and freezing will save you money during the winter/spring months when peppers tend to be a bit more costly in … Continue reading Cheese Steak Hot Peppers

Spicy Sesame Chicken

This Spicy Sesame Chicken is the perfect dinner to smother in sauce over a bed of cauliflower rice and vegetables! This classic stir fry recipe gets a spicy makeover that more delicious than the traditional seasoned stir fry.  It is easy to make and perfect for leftovers to take to work the next day. Let's … Continue reading Spicy Sesame Chicken

Sheet Pan Gnocchi & Kielbasa

Sheet pan dinners are effortless to make and delicious! The variations that can be made with these meals are endless. Rather you roast colorful bell peppers, onions, carrots, or green beans, any vegetable can be incorporated! This simple meal is tossed in olive oil and garlic for additional flavor and roasted to perfection in just … Continue reading Sheet Pan Gnocchi & Kielbasa

Garlic Butter Zoodles & Meatballs

Butter Garlic Zoodles and Meatballs is the perfect pasta alternative meal that can on the table in 40 minutes. This meal is quick and easy meal to make which is great when you are working parents. In a typical week or month in our home, we rarely have pasta. It is something we honestly keep … Continue reading Garlic Butter Zoodles & Meatballs

Carrot Cake Energy Balls

Yum! I am obsessed with carrot cake but when you decide to eat carrot cake, you are deciding to have those calories as well. As for me, I chose to put all those delicious flavors of carrot cake into a healthy energy ball. So this sweet little treat is packed with everything you need to … Continue reading Carrot Cake Energy Balls

Delicious Whole30 Breakfasts

If you are eyeing up the chance to start the Whole30 lifystyle, than you are most likely wondering, what am I going to eat for breakfast. A typical quick breakfast for me looks like over night oats, peanut butter toast, or a bowl of cereal. When the most important meal of the day typically includes … Continue reading Delicious Whole30 Breakfasts

Whole30: 10 Delicious Recipes

This Post Contains Affiliate Links. Please see Disclosure Policy. Whole30 is a specific diet but that doesn't mean that you cannot create the most delicious oven baked, crock pot, or even grilled meals that your entire family will love.  When you are following a no grains, no legumes, no dairy, and no junk food it … Continue reading Whole30: 10 Delicious Recipes

Low Carb Breakfast Meals

  A healthy breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Starting your day with a glass of water and breakfast wakes your organs up and jumpstarts your metabolism so you burn more calories through the day. These breakfast recipes are packed with protein and vegetables with just the right amount of carbs to … Continue reading Low Carb Breakfast Meals