Benefits of Drinking White Wine

There are many discussions about red wine being good for you, but did you know that there are also some benefits of drinking white wine? Well, now you’ll be able to know for sure all of the benefits of drinking white wine. Today I’m going to feature the benefits you’ll reap when you enjoy a … Continue reading Benefits of Drinking White Wine

Tricks to Save Money at Aldi

Aldi is known for its amazing prices on everyday items, organics, and specialty diets. While prices are lower at Aldi than most other grocery stores the truth is there are plenty of ways to save even more money at Aldi with a few smart shopping times. Always check the ad before going into the store. … Continue reading Tricks to Save Money at Aldi

7 High Protein Vegetables that double as perfect sides

Are you considering following a vegetarian lifestyle or just want to learn how to sneak more protein into your daily healthy meals? You will find so many good reasons to add these 7 delicious vegetables to your weekly/daily meal plans. Keep reading to discover 7 best of the best veggies that are good protein sources … Continue reading 7 High Protein Vegetables that double as perfect sides

Fighting Depression with Exercise

Fighting depression can be a difficult task and finding things that help you on that journey can go a long way. One thing that helps many in the battle with depression is exercise. Everything from weight training at the gym to running the streets in your neighborhood can become a valuable tool on your journey. … Continue reading Fighting Depression with Exercise

Simple Weight Loss Changes

  Losing weight can be a big challenge and taking that first step is truly the hardest part. Dedicating your mind to making simple changes that lead to weight loss, you can give your fitness goals a jumpstart without having to dive in and stress out over trying to make a big change at the … Continue reading Simple Weight Loss Changes