9 Delicious Energy Bites

Mouth watering energy bites to keep you feeling full.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and these energy bites will not disappoint.  You should start your morning with a large glass of water and a healthy breakfast, so the doctors say. I wake up and workout. I start my morning with 8 ounces of pre-workout and a sweaty workout session at 5AM. That is what works for me. What works for you may be coffee and energy bites or coffee, shower, leave for work, then breakfast. I eat my energy bites on the way to work. They are convenient and easy to prep and toss in my fridge for an easy on the go breakfast.

These are unique energy bites but also, perfectly sweet so you can get that right amount of ‘sweet’ in for the day. I love chocolate and in some way shape or form I usually have or want chocolate every day. I love starting my day with energy bites that have chocolate in them because I am less likely to eat candy bars or multiple hand fulls of chocolate chips from my cupboard. Can you relate at all to my last statement? I cannot be the only woman who stands in her kitchen any given part of the day letting chocolate chips melt in my mouth only to have about 3 more handfuls before I gain the will power to put down. Hey, balance is what I say. I get up at 5AM and exercise at 5PM I can have chocolate in my stocking feet in my kitchen. Enjoy these recipes! They are worth it!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Energy Balls by Choosing Chia

Vegan Snickerdoodle Energy Bites by Simply Quinoa

3 Ingredient Strawberry Pistachio Energy Balls by Physical Kitchness

Yummy! Energy bites for morning breakfast on the go!

Pecan Pie Energy Balls by Running on Real Food

No Bake Healthy Pumpkin Pie Energy Balls by Smile Sandwich

Almond Joy Energy Balls by Bake Eat Repeat

A morning breakfast you won't be able to resist.

No Bake Maple Vanilla Latte Protein Bites by Cotter Crunch

No Bake Vanilla Protein Breakfast Bites by Cotter Crunch

Carrot Cake Energy Balls by The Healthy Classified


9 Irresistible Energy Bites that will not disappoint!


Start your morning with a healthy breakfast!


Enjoy, fulfilling healthy breakfast bites.


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