7 High Protein Vegetables that double as perfect sides

What vegetables are important for protein needs

Are you considering following a vegetarian lifestyle or just want to learn how to sneak more protein into your daily healthy meals? You will find so many good reasons to add these 7 delicious vegetables to your weekly/daily meal plans.

Keep reading to discover 7 best of the best veggies that are good protein sources too!


There’s nothing better than some fresh roasted or grilled asparagus if you’re looking for a delicious protein filled treat. This veggie is known for being the best source of vitamin K, and in just one serving Asparagus gives you 2.2 g of protein, that’s a win! If you are just beginning to get a taste for asparagus, try melting a little bit of Parmesan cheese on top. My sister once convinced me to eat asparagus because she wrapped it in bacon- that was the best dish on the table that night. Could have been the bacon, could have been the asparagus, no body knows.

This may come up as a friendly surprise, but yes, good old potatoes are also a great source of protein. A single medium sized potato can offer 4 g of protein, which is good, and that’s not all. It has been found that potatoes also give your body up to 20% of the daily recommended intake of potassium. You can find of my favorite mashed potato recipes here: Onion Mashed Potatoes


Among all veggies that managed to come up on this list, edamame is, hands down, the best source of protein. A cup of cooked edamame can give you up to 18g of protein, which is beyond impressive. Naturally, it quickly became one of the healthiest appetizers for vegetarians, so make sure you do give it a try. You make is spicy with a little bit of red pepper flakes or add some garlic for added flavor.


Broccoli is one of the best, healthiest cruciforus vegetables on the planet, and it isn’t just loaded with antioxidants and all the important vitamins. It is also packed full of fiber and protein and  including them into your diet is a great idea, especially if you’re aiming to get your day’s protein requirement through veggies.

Brussels Sprouts

These little green guys may not be the most liked ones among the vegetable family, but try to find ways to sneak them into your meals and you’ll be getting 2 g of protein in just half a cup of serving, not to mention vitamin A, vitamin K, fiber, potassium and so many other minerals. Writer truth: I have 26 and still haven’t made it past the smell of these. I keep saying, one day I will try these, one day.


Peas are my fiance’s favorite vegetable. It has taken me 26 years to learn to like peas. Thankfully I have because there’s so much more to these little green gems than meets the eye. Peas are known to be one of those foods that contain impressive amounts of vitamin A, but in the recent years, studies have also found them to be packed with potassium, fiber and yes, you guessed it- protein!


Corn has often been underrated when it comes to mentioning healthy foods to be added to the diet. Just half a cup of corn can lend you 2.5 g of protein, which is great. Try to pair this one with other healthy veggies and legumes to get your added vegetables (which is easy since corn is super versatile and delicious too), and you’ll be well balanced. I grew up with my mom buying a bushel of delicious sweet corn to cut off the cob and cook just so we could have yummy summer sweet corn whenever we wanted all year round.






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